Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lack of Power
No, not me. Well, I did lack the power to get Four on the hill yesterday. He said he didn't want to ski. I decided not to push it. It was snowing and cold. Don't want to push him away from skiing. Gotta keep it fun. But today, we made it up to the hill, bought our tix, got ready to rock, went to the lifts, and ...

no power. Apparently there had been an accident somewhere in the area and it knocked out the power in area. And I thought it was dark in the restroom b/c someone had forgotten to turn on the lights. So, in my new optimistic mindset, I decided that the lifts would probably open soon and we could hike the bunny slope until they did. Well, the lifts finally started around 11AM. Just enough time to make it to the top, back down, and meet the shuttle back to the timeshare at 11:30. We got to the park lot at 11:33 to see the driver pulling out of the lot. The knuckleheads who "man" the lot were completely helpless. After finally yelling at them for their lack of help, they finally led to someone who called the shuttle to send them back. I was pissed. Here I am with a 3-year old and all this ski crap, and these toothless losers can only tell me, "It's not my problem." And then after I finally get pissed enough to blow up on them and then finally get some help, the one guy tells me that this happens all the time and this is how they fix it. What? Do you just have fun watching the gapers squirm?