Sunday, February 15, 2004

The Red Button
Four hasn't had a BM in two days. Related to fever? Probably not. Probably more a function of all the Valentine candy he keeps getting from his neighborhood friends, which makes us feel like scrooges for essentially boycotting the Hallmark holiday. Anyway, he was trying for at least the third time today. After not producing anything, he proceeds to tell me that "God pushes the red button to make me poop." I was in the powder room with him for moral support, but had to duck out to make eye contact with M. It was all we could do to not lose it laughing. In recent months, non-productive seatings on the potty had been explained away as "My poop went back to God," followed by a sort of scrunchy "it is what it is" face and a shoulder shrug. I never knew God was so interested and involved in our BMs.

btw...i'm still in my pajamas.