Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Good with the Bad.
LuLu took 7-10 steps several times last night walking between M and me. she was so proud of herself. so were we. even four got in on the act, trying to help with the videotaping. today, lulu even took some shaky steps outside on the woodchips around the swingset. she was walking from the bottom of the slide to the ladder. she's so funny on the slide. she crawls over and throws herself down head first with no concept that she could very easily get hurt.

m is home sick today. stomach bug causing vomiting. four has a nasty cough, and woke up complaining that his ears hurt. lulu seems relatively well, knock on wood -- she did have the vomiting on Sunday. I feel like I'm going to get the bug M has any minute now. stomach is real queasy. and we're supposed to go on vacation next week? fun.

uh-oh where's that bucket?