Sunday, February 15, 2004

It Worked for Nemo
Something about me, Four, and public restrooms. Thursday afternoon, the three least mature members of this family branch were out doing some shopping for Valentines and the Birthdays. Between stores, Four informs me he has to go tinkle. I think OK, we're right near the Acme, and I know where the potty is there, quick in and out. Not to be. This particular restroom has a toilet that is particularly high off the ground, so Four has some difficulty reaching over the top. With LuLu almost always in one arm, I can't properly lift him to get him over, and this one is too tall even for the standing on my feet trick. No problem though, because I figured out another neat trick. This restroom has one of those trashcans with a lid that has a flat top and two in-swinging doors. It makes a perfect step stool. Usually. This day, unbeknownst to me, one of the doors was actually holding the bottom of the lid up off the floor. When I noticed that Four was a bit far from the pot I grabbed his arm and asked him to hold on. Still holding LuLu in one arm and Four's left arm with my other hand, I used my foot to push the makeshift stool forward. The door swung in and the stool lurched down. Four spun in my hand. His right arm ended up in the worst of all places, the water of a public toilet. After several washings, I made sure that the lid was on terra firma, and the poor kid finally got to pee.

We joked later that we was trying to find Marlin.