Tuesday, November 11, 2003

normally, I hold off on stuff like this until I can recreate everything up to the present. however, I am learning that too frequently that prevents me from doing a lot of things. so I'm starting right here right now, and jumping in. here goes:

LuLu is standing at her toy basket, reaching for the contents inside. it seems like our baby is growing up way too fast. at 8.5 months, she has 4 teeth -- two front and center up top and two front and center below.

Four is creating "a day". a couple of time outs for not listening. just really rammy today.

lately, i have been bringing LuLu into our bed in the a.m. after she's up. mon, LuLu, and I cuddle until the boy wakes and comes in. at this point, our bed becomes a re-enactment of "wwf smackdown". not intentionally, but it does.

fun, fun, fun. huh?

did you see our halloween pics?