Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Rain Delay
After I picked Shane up from school, we were heading down to Alan's Bike Shop in Wilmington to pick up my Ochsner (re-tap threads, install new BB), there's a Mickey D's on the way -- I know, I know. But he had just pointed out the outdoor play park the other day, and it was lunch time, and even though I'm anti-junk food, I'm not anti--fun. But trying to teach some kind of lesson about taking care of biz first and then enjoying the rewards, I did insist that we eat lunch before going out to the playground. The meal went pretty much without incident, and afterward Shane was super-excited to head out to the playground. We get to the door that leads out to the park. Locked! Total bummer. I try to explain that its probably still wet from the rains we've had. He's not buying it. I encourage him to ask one of the "workers". He goes right up to the manager and asks why the park door is locked. The manager and assistant manager both explained about the rain and the slippery conditions. He seems satisfied, or at least politely resigned to his fate. I'm thinking that wasn't too bad. At the door, he loses it. "It's not fair", he cries. I felt so bad for him, probably because he's so right "it's not fair." One of the few times he gets to go to McD's -- and one with a play park at that, the damned thing is closed.
The Babysitter??
This morning, Olivia and I were doing some grocery shopping while Shane was at school. She was an angel in the store. At the checkout, she is chatting away with the clerk, and just being her adorable self. The clerk and I started talking and she asks "What, do you drop her at the sitter's on the way to work?" Something like that. It's funny, all these years of women proving their worth in the workplace (and perhaps not quite as long, some men proving they're able to raise and nurture children) people just aren't ready to accept this SAHD thing.

Another funny thing about it is that just a few days ago, I was at the same grocery store with Shane and a very upset (from vomitting and diarrhea) Olivia. I've got Shane sitting in the large part of the cart and am holding Liv, trying to rock her and keep her from crying while I pay for her PediaLyte and Tylenol. As I walk from the line with my purchases and charges, I hear the middle-aged woman behind me say, "These guys today, I give them a lot of credit." Maybe some are ready.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Today, Olivia started to open the cabinet under the kitchen sink where our trash can is stored. My first reaction, and action, was to scold her, "No, no, Livvy!" -- our cleaning chemicals are stored next to the can. But as I watched her dogged determination, I noticed that she had something in her hand. She had picked up a raisin off the floor and was going to put it in the trash. We have never really taught her any of this, but maybe our efforts to get her to stop eating food off the floor are paying off.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

After months of encouragement, Olivia is now using sign language for please. We still have to encourage her to do it after she has otherwise expressed an interest in or desire for something. But she does it very well. Putting her right hand on her belly and making a circular motion. It's so neat to watch them learn.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Liv says "poon" for spoon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

More Ear Infection Fun
So we did end up taking Liv to the doc last night. Another ear infection. Zithromax is the antibiotic of choice. The first dose goes down and stays down no problem. Diarrhea is here to add to the fun.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I was talking to the heater guy when he was here yesterday. And he ended up telling me some of the quirks in the lifestyles of some of the people he services as part of his job. This one family was "weird" because she worked and he stayed home. Can you imagine such a thing?
at 8:10 another ounce and some Cheerios. stayed down.
slept 9:00 - 10:30
another ounce LL around 11:00 and about 1/2 slice toast.

noticing feet and lower leg very purple-y. hands and feet do feel cold to touch, maybe socks and turn up heat. she seems happy and much better though. I'll keep an eye and maybe do a Google. If worsens, I'll call doc.
Olivia slept through the night even with Mom and Dad stopping in several times to check on her. This morning, so far, so good:

6:15 ish: 1oz. Gerber LiquiLyte (similar to Pedialyte) stayed down.
6:45: 1 oz. LiquiLyte
7:30: 1 oz. LiquiLyte

we'll see how it goes.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Olivia is sick today. She's been throwing up anything we try to put in her little belly. I was the target of her gastric expulsions on three separate occasions. The poor thing threw up on the way to pick Shane up, and, of course, I'm already late because the heater guy was out today to fix a problem with our furnace, and his dispatcher didn't tell him I needed to leave by 11:30 to pick up Shane, so, I couldn't really pull over to even clean her off. She's so amazing though, because through it all she is still happy and smiling. This evening, I called the doctor's office just to make sure that we shouldn't bring her in and the nurse indicated that there is something is going around. Apparently, our next stop is Diarrhea-ville. Oh well, just as long as she's all right. I just went in to check on her asleep in her crib. We are always commenting on big she (and Shane) and getting but really, they're so little at this age, its a little scary how a days worth of GI problems can make them seem so frail and little again.

On the way to pick up Shane I listened to a message I had left for myself several days ago. "I doubt it" my voice on the phone told me. On the day that I created the memo, about two weeks ago, Shane and I were driving to school. I asked if Miss Molly would be there -- she had been away on vacation the week before we went on vacation. He said, "I doubt it." Just that he knew that phrase and how and when to use it seemed pretty smart.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wednesday is a school day for Shane (as are Monday and Friday). Lately, Monica has been dropping him off and Liv and I pick him up. Today, Livvy and I got there a bit early. So, we played vroom-vroom in the car and ate animal crackers and drank apple juice and coffee. Anne showed up a little early as well to pick up Jackson. As we stood at the edge of the parking lot talking, Liv saw some activity in the glass-walled foyer and started doing her excited dance. She was clearly excited to see Shane, or at least other children, after being stuck with me all morning ;^). On her cue, we walked up to school. As the other kids filed out into the foyer, Olivia just kept looking around the corner waiting for Shane. She was on the floor alternately standing and dancing, when Shane finally rounded that corner. She took off like she'd been walking -- no, running -- forever. She started pointing at him -- it's cute her shoulder comes up to her ear when she points -- as she ran to meet him. They hugged and gave each other kisses. It was awesome. I hope they remain close forever!

In other news, Liv's vocabulary is really growing. Added:
- bottle = "bot-bot"
- lion = "line"

Shane continues to tell us how he doesn't want to see anything happen to us, like getting "gunshotted". He says it in the most sincere and caring way, but maybe we have over-emphasized the potential dangers of guns.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Liv Walks AGAIN!
Liv is back to trying to walk. I think her ear infections are finally starting to clear up, and that previously they were affecting her balance. It seems like for at least the past week, maybe even two, she had really just given up on it. Now she's back to trying. And it really is trying b/c she's doing her fair share of falling. She's a total trooper though, and rarely cries about, and even when she does, usually gets right back to it. I'm just gonna have to get her more hats!
Liv has started to fight the morning nap. She won yesterday, and won again just now. I guess it's OK. As much as I liked the hour or two of relative freedom to get things done around the house -- especially those mornings where Shane is in school, it is kind of limiting in terms of getting out in the mornings. As long as her PM naps can make up for the AM loss, it seems like it should be OK.

This morning we were all having a snack together on the sofa. I thought too much time had passed since Liv's breakfast for her medicine -- Amoxicillin makes her puke when given on an empty stomach. I was sitting at one end of the sofa, Shane at the other. Liv would come over to me to get her crackers and then motor back over to Shane just to hang out. I asked Liv, "Do you love your brother?" And she turned around leaned her head in his lap as best she could while still standing on the ground. It was awesome.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

We have been saying Grace at dinner. It usually starts the same, "Bless us, O Lord..." and then we conclude with some more individualized thanks and/or requests. Shane has, on his own, begun to take responsibility for this latter part. Last night, Shane asked, "Please God look over Mommy and Daddy and Livvy, I wouldn't want to see anything happen to them and please don't let them get gunshotted."

We have been trying to discourage gun-type play, but it is very hard with this three year old boy. We think its even harder with him in class with other kids as old as six. Still, we try. Although at a recent party I was talking with a liberal democrat and a conservative republican at the same time AND both of whom I respect and both felt that forbidding it would make it all the more appealing, especially later in life. So we're pulling a John Kerry and flip-flopping a little, at least on this issue. Anyway, we were in REI a few weeks ago, and two young ladies were putting up a new display. One of them came over to ask if we needed assistance. I did. After she helped us, Shane asks "What's that?" about the cordless drill in her hand. She replies, "A screw gun." Shane advises her that "Mommy and Daddy don't like guns."

Monday, March 01, 2004

(Not So) Happy Birthday Liv!
Yesterday we celebrated Olivia's first birthday here at the house. We had all my sibs minus Scott, as well as Laura and Collett, Nonna and Pop-pop, Grandma J, Curt and Kristen, Nick and James, Jason and Michelle, and Ash. It seemed like everyone had a nice time except for Liv. I took her to the doctor today. Ear infections in each ear. The doctor described the first ear she looked in as "raging". Which is pretty impressive, since given that, Ollie was very good at her party. She was just off, and not her normally happy self. Sorry baby! Maybe this is why she didn't sleep too well in the mountains?!

Picked up antibiotics immediately after the doc's office. Gave her first dose in the car. Came home tried to do lunch and nap. After her bottle, she and I were both wearing a concoction of formula and Amoxicillin all over us -- not quite as endearing as the formula kiss. We'll try to fill belly with something more next time.