Monday, March 01, 2004

(Not So) Happy Birthday Liv!
Yesterday we celebrated Olivia's first birthday here at the house. We had all my sibs minus Scott, as well as Laura and Collett, Nonna and Pop-pop, Grandma J, Curt and Kristen, Nick and James, Jason and Michelle, and Ash. It seemed like everyone had a nice time except for Liv. I took her to the doctor today. Ear infections in each ear. The doctor described the first ear she looked in as "raging". Which is pretty impressive, since given that, Ollie was very good at her party. She was just off, and not her normally happy self. Sorry baby! Maybe this is why she didn't sleep too well in the mountains?!

Picked up antibiotics immediately after the doc's office. Gave her first dose in the car. Came home tried to do lunch and nap. After her bottle, she and I were both wearing a concoction of formula and Amoxicillin all over us -- not quite as endearing as the formula kiss. We'll try to fill belly with something more next time.

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