Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Babysitter??
This morning, Olivia and I were doing some grocery shopping while Shane was at school. She was an angel in the store. At the checkout, she is chatting away with the clerk, and just being her adorable self. The clerk and I started talking and she asks "What, do you drop her at the sitter's on the way to work?" Something like that. It's funny, all these years of women proving their worth in the workplace (and perhaps not quite as long, some men proving they're able to raise and nurture children) people just aren't ready to accept this SAHD thing.

Another funny thing about it is that just a few days ago, I was at the same grocery store with Shane and a very upset (from vomitting and diarrhea) Olivia. I've got Shane sitting in the large part of the cart and am holding Liv, trying to rock her and keep her from crying while I pay for her PediaLyte and Tylenol. As I walk from the line with my purchases and charges, I hear the middle-aged woman behind me say, "These guys today, I give them a lot of credit." Maybe some are ready.

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