Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Liv has started to fight the morning nap. She won yesterday, and won again just now. I guess it's OK. As much as I liked the hour or two of relative freedom to get things done around the house -- especially those mornings where Shane is in school, it is kind of limiting in terms of getting out in the mornings. As long as her PM naps can make up for the AM loss, it seems like it should be OK.

This morning we were all having a snack together on the sofa. I thought too much time had passed since Liv's breakfast for her medicine -- Amoxicillin makes her puke when given on an empty stomach. I was sitting at one end of the sofa, Shane at the other. Liv would come over to me to get her crackers and then motor back over to Shane just to hang out. I asked Liv, "Do you love your brother?" And she turned around leaned her head in his lap as best she could while still standing on the ground. It was awesome.

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