Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Wednesday is a school day for Shane (as are Monday and Friday). Lately, Monica has been dropping him off and Liv and I pick him up. Today, Livvy and I got there a bit early. So, we played vroom-vroom in the car and ate animal crackers and drank apple juice and coffee. Anne showed up a little early as well to pick up Jackson. As we stood at the edge of the parking lot talking, Liv saw some activity in the glass-walled foyer and started doing her excited dance. She was clearly excited to see Shane, or at least other children, after being stuck with me all morning ;^). On her cue, we walked up to school. As the other kids filed out into the foyer, Olivia just kept looking around the corner waiting for Shane. She was on the floor alternately standing and dancing, when Shane finally rounded that corner. She took off like she'd been walking -- no, running -- forever. She started pointing at him -- it's cute her shoulder comes up to her ear when she points -- as she ran to meet him. They hugged and gave each other kisses. It was awesome. I hope they remain close forever!

In other news, Liv's vocabulary is really growing. Added:
- bottle = "bot-bot"
- lion = "line"

Shane continues to tell us how he doesn't want to see anything happen to us, like getting "gunshotted". He says it in the most sincere and caring way, but maybe we have over-emphasized the potential dangers of guns.

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