Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Rain Delay
After I picked Shane up from school, we were heading down to Alan's Bike Shop in Wilmington to pick up my Ochsner (re-tap threads, install new BB), there's a Mickey D's on the way -- I know, I know. But he had just pointed out the outdoor play park the other day, and it was lunch time, and even though I'm anti-junk food, I'm not anti--fun. But trying to teach some kind of lesson about taking care of biz first and then enjoying the rewards, I did insist that we eat lunch before going out to the playground. The meal went pretty much without incident, and afterward Shane was super-excited to head out to the playground. We get to the door that leads out to the park. Locked! Total bummer. I try to explain that its probably still wet from the rains we've had. He's not buying it. I encourage him to ask one of the "workers". He goes right up to the manager and asks why the park door is locked. The manager and assistant manager both explained about the rain and the slippery conditions. He seems satisfied, or at least politely resigned to his fate. I'm thinking that wasn't too bad. At the door, he loses it. "It's not fair", he cries. I felt so bad for him, probably because he's so right "it's not fair." One of the few times he gets to go to McD's -- and one with a play park at that, the damned thing is closed.

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