Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Why'd I say that?

I like to play devil's advocate, or is it that i like to argue? sometimes in a discussion, i'll take a position opposite of the one i really hold just so i can debate someone. i found myself doing this the other night. i let the other party (my mom) know that i was doing it, stating that, "i'm just playing devil's advocate, mostly because it's about the only thing i'm good at." well, turns out i'm good at saying really stupid shit too. my mom, who's becoming quite the movie buff, was telling us about a film they'd seen "The Story of the Weeping Camel". The story goes like this: camel has difficult labor giving birth to rare all-white colt, mother rejects colt, mongolian tribe summons musician, musician plays violin as part of ancient ritual, camel accepts offspring. After hearing the story, in a lame attempt to be funny, I say, "I should get a violin, so my mother will accept me." For a few seconds, there was an awkward silence. My brother, who actually is funny, said, "You'll have to take that one to your therapist." Later, I spoke with my mom privately and apologized for the stupid comment. I still feel horrible about it. This is a woman to whom I feel so close, only my wife is closer. This is a woman who has accepted me and all my baggage, when I didn't accept me and my baggage. Thanks for everything, I love you, Mom!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Crazy Busy Again!

Things have been crazy around here again. Since I'm too tired right now to write the kind of stuff I want to bring some loose ends raised here previously up to date I am just going to post some pics with little comment. The kids are awesome. M is awesome. I'm a bit down, but I'll get through it.

Tub Time
LuLu tub

All Dressed Up

...and someplace to go. This outfit was a bday present from Aunt Jess. Thanks, Jess!

Waking Up
Waking Up Together
Four now likes to be the first one in to LuLu's room in the morning. After greetings and kisses, he likes to invite her to sit on his lap so that he can read to her. She seldom takes him up on it, which usually crushes him -- for at least 30 seconds. But this morning they did sit together and it just made my heart swell.

Four's creation
Four with Duplos
He was so proud of this spaceship. He is getting really creative with Legos (actually Duplos) -- building spaceships and animals and beyond. It's so neat to see how his abilities progress. Which reminds me, tonight on the way home from dinner we were talking about what the Easter Bunny brought the kids last year. M and I both knew what he had brought for Four, but could not remember what he had given LuLu. Four remembered. He was only three, amazing.

Herding Cats
Drill Sargeant
I signed up to be an "Assistant Coach" for Four's indoor soccer league. No one signed up to be The Coach, and no one else signed up as an Assistant. Guess who's coaching? If it was all strangers, it'd be fine. But there are a few kids from the hood on the team, so I feel particularly self-conscious about how and what I'm doing. I was petrified at first, but it's been really fun. I am so happy to be able to have this experience and this opportunity to show these kids how fun exercise and sport can be. And I think I'm pretty good. The foto above is a little blurry, but artistically I like the effect, and the laughter and energy shines right through.


Even Superheroes Get Tired!

Batman sleep

Sunday, March 13, 2005

i do it for the money...

i am the president of the civic association in our little trailer park. well, it's not exactly a trailer park. and i don't really do it for the money. in fact i don't get paid at all. in fact, one might say i'm freaking crazy to put up with some of the shit that i put up with for nothing. but it's an awesome neighborhood, with an incredible sense of community, and a really beautiful lake. but right about now i'm about to pick up our little trailer and move it on out of the hood. dealing with a potential subdivision that may puncture through our "impenetrable" borders, i have spent far too much time thinking, writing, and ruminating on how to make 120+ dues paying members happy with the decision. it's a thankless job, and i had to field a number of phone calls today from neighbors who were very upset. were it not for the encouragement and ability to make me laugh from a couple of neighbors/friends, i'm sure i would quit this 'well-compensated' position.

speaking of money, do you believe in penalizing success? just an interesting thought that hit me today. write a comment if you're so inclined. maybe one day -- if i live through this neighborhood issue -- i'll figure out how to create a poll.

be well. live well.

Friday, March 04, 2005

M says mmmm

Tonight at dinner, LuLu was looking down at the t-shirt she was wearing - an Old Navy valentine's tee with the word "sweet" across the chest and a large heart over her belly. From where she was sitting though the 'w' must have looked - and did - like an 'm'. She starts reciting from her Leapfrog fridge alphabet, "m says mmmm, every letter makes a sound, m says mmmm." It's neat to get these little glimpses into their brains to see how they're growing.


you may have noticed that LuLu had essentially the same Bday cake as Four had. I will not argue that I can be a cheap bastard, but I'm not that cheap. In fact, I was willing to actually buy a cutesy bakery cake for LuLu's second, but when we started discussing it in the presence of Four he became very upset. He's allergic to eggs. And good luck finding a commercial bakery cake without eggs. So we decided that we'd go with our typical egg-free recipe and either decorate a regular round or even buy another cake form. So we asked LuLu what kind of cake she wanted.
Of course Four chimes in before Lu can answer, "I know, a tractor cake!"
I respond, "Let's see what Lu wants. LuLu, what kind of cake do you want?"
Lu: "A tractor cake."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Lu: "Yes."

And even though I am trying to break some gender stereotypes, if was going to make a tractor cake for my little girl, I had to ask her if I could at least make it pink.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Time it Flew, LuLu's Two!

our angel recently turned two...
LuLu's Two
more to follow.