Friday, March 04, 2005


you may have noticed that LuLu had essentially the same Bday cake as Four had. I will not argue that I can be a cheap bastard, but I'm not that cheap. In fact, I was willing to actually buy a cutesy bakery cake for LuLu's second, but when we started discussing it in the presence of Four he became very upset. He's allergic to eggs. And good luck finding a commercial bakery cake without eggs. So we decided that we'd go with our typical egg-free recipe and either decorate a regular round or even buy another cake form. So we asked LuLu what kind of cake she wanted.
Of course Four chimes in before Lu can answer, "I know, a tractor cake!"
I respond, "Let's see what Lu wants. LuLu, what kind of cake do you want?"
Lu: "A tractor cake."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Lu: "Yes."

And even though I am trying to break some gender stereotypes, if was going to make a tractor cake for my little girl, I had to ask her if I could at least make it pink.


Amy said...

Did you frost that tractor cake? I thought I was the only dork to post pictures of my homemade birthday cakes.

kevin said...

are you calling me a dork? a geek, yes, but a dork?

let me see your cakes. do you have a URL? well, maybe I am dork.

Amy said...

Well a dork but in the kindest regard. I like my dork status, sorry if it offended. I do have a url (just click on my name) and have posted a few pictures of cakes recently. I honestly was impressed and really thought it was cool that you did such a wonderful cake for your daughter. Here is a link to my flickr, I hope it works for you.

kevin said...

i was not offended at all. i, too, was poking fun at myself. thanks for reading and posting your thoughts. i'll check out your pics. thanks!