Friday, March 25, 2005

Crazy Busy Again!

Things have been crazy around here again. Since I'm too tired right now to write the kind of stuff I want to bring some loose ends raised here previously up to date I am just going to post some pics with little comment. The kids are awesome. M is awesome. I'm a bit down, but I'll get through it.

Tub Time
LuLu tub

All Dressed Up

...and someplace to go. This outfit was a bday present from Aunt Jess. Thanks, Jess!

Waking Up
Waking Up Together
Four now likes to be the first one in to LuLu's room in the morning. After greetings and kisses, he likes to invite her to sit on his lap so that he can read to her. She seldom takes him up on it, which usually crushes him -- for at least 30 seconds. But this morning they did sit together and it just made my heart swell.

Four's creation
Four with Duplos
He was so proud of this spaceship. He is getting really creative with Legos (actually Duplos) -- building spaceships and animals and beyond. It's so neat to see how his abilities progress. Which reminds me, tonight on the way home from dinner we were talking about what the Easter Bunny brought the kids last year. M and I both knew what he had brought for Four, but could not remember what he had given LuLu. Four remembered. He was only three, amazing.

Herding Cats
Drill Sargeant
I signed up to be an "Assistant Coach" for Four's indoor soccer league. No one signed up to be The Coach, and no one else signed up as an Assistant. Guess who's coaching? If it was all strangers, it'd be fine. But there are a few kids from the hood on the team, so I feel particularly self-conscious about how and what I'm doing. I was petrified at first, but it's been really fun. I am so happy to be able to have this experience and this opportunity to show these kids how fun exercise and sport can be. And I think I'm pretty good. The foto above is a little blurry, but artistically I like the effect, and the laughter and energy shines right through.



Philip said...

Great great pictures. I love them!
Hey, email me if you want some age-specific drills and things for your herd of cats.

Heather said...

Great pics! Having no experience, I coached my son's 2-3 yr old. tee ball last year. Also by default. The coach didn't show up and I was the only one that could make it to both days every week. I was so scared but I really think a stay-at-home parent is best equipped for the job. We seem to be better in tune with the needs of children and probably have more patience. I considered it a good game when nobody was crying. The kids showed tremendous improvement by the end of the season. Children's capacity to learn is amazing. The dads on the team didn't seem too thrilled that their son's were being coached by a woman though! LOL. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!