Monday, June 07, 2004

World's Largest Sandbox

Spent a great two days at the shore with Nonna and Pop-pop this past Thursday and Friday. Liv had been at the beach last year but likely doesn't remember it. Shane is an old pro. This year, as soon as we got into N&P's place and she could see out the sliding glass door to the ocean, Liv started bouncing in Nonna's arms. Mon was bummed to have missed that. We didn't need to ask what Liv wanted to do. After a quick coating of sunscreen (or as Shane says "sun cream"), we all hit the beach. It was great. The weather was incredible on Thursday. Not too hot, no humidity, beautiful sunny skies. Even the Atlantic was relatively warm for this time of year. Shane quickly took to floating boats and chasing them down as the got ravaged by the (relative to them) large waves. Liv was no less expected, and loved to be in the water, but needed to be holding a hand or two whenver the whitewater crossed her legs. As she got more used to it, she would run in and out on her own, but never allowed the waves to touch her unless she had a hand to hold.

Quick lunch. Naps. Went back out and hit the beach again. Flew kites. Rolled in the sand. Lounged in the water. Liv chased sea gulls -- I think she really thought she would catch one. I have never really been much of a beach person, and couldn't understand the appeal. Now that I have children, I get it. The kids have so much room to roam. Even after dinner when we went out for ice cream, Shane could walk ahead safely, and feel like master of his own domain. With the exception of leaving Mommy at home (actually work), it was the perfect day.

Friday, the weather turned. Cold and windy. Shane didn't mind. Liv did -- she's still a tough cookie (we'll blame the teething). And me, thinking we didn't need too many inside toys. Fortunately, Nonna was there. She designed a few hours of fun around an old deck of cards and a bucket.

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