Tuesday, June 15, 2004

defying gravity

this morning Liv decided that she did not want to wear a shirt. I persevered for a while but she kept trying to pull it off, getting frustrated, and crying. finally, I figured "What's the big deal?" Later, I called a good friend to catch up, see how his latest expedition had gone, and plan an escape to the IR stomping grounds for a bit of mountain biking and whitewater kayaking. Not two minutes into the conversation, I noticed that Liv had poop flowing out the top of her diaper onto her bare back. After explaining to John what happened, he told me that I was scaring him and that he was going to ensure that he didn't have any children. I won't write what that method was.

Later, after having changed the diaper, I thought about how that's the easy stuff. The poopy diapers, the food always on the floor, even the occasional vomiting and colds, that's the easy stuff. It's all the rest that's hard. Grocery shopping with two kids in tow. Cleaning a bathroom with two kids constantly trying to "help". Getting two kids to nap at the same time. Finding appropriate disciplinary tools when you've decided that spanking and slapping are not going to be used. Not yelling. That's the class V stuff.

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