Monday, June 07, 2004

Little Sponges

Despite the recent trip to the beach, I am not refering to the kind of sponges that live on the ocean floor. Nor their artificial counterparts. I refer here to the remarkable absorptive powers of the growing human brain. We feel we have been doing an age-appropriate job of shielding our toddler and pre-schooler from the insanity occurring in the Middle East. We don't watch the news when they're awake. Even when our "commerial-free" radio station pumps the daily body count into our car's speaker, we try to turn down the volume. But the other night when going to bed, Shane, who was very over-tired and very upset anyway, told Mon, "I am sad because all of our soldiers died." Can't we find a sensible way to end all this madness?

On an equally innocent but less depressing note, Thursday night, when I was putting Shane to bed at the shore, he says to me, "I looked everywhere and can't find a lady to marry. How will I ever get married?"

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