Monday, May 10, 2004

Mother's Day
My mom and dad, Grandma, and Jess came over to celebrate Mother's Day as well as celebrate my parent's safe return from China. After lunch, we were treated to Mom and Dad's digital pics -- all 500+ of them. But it was really cool. We only lost one audience member, and even at that it was for a very short time. Shane got to spend some one-on-one time with my Mom, whom he absolutely adores. They went for a bike ride -- he rode, she walked. One car drove by -- perhaps new neighbors -- and waved. They waved back. Shane told my Mom that sometimes people drive by and he takes one hand off and waves and they say he's a cutie-pie. My mom asked if she waved would people say she was a cutie-pie. He said yes.

The normally outgoing and gregarious Liv has been going through a shy patch. She would just bury her head in my or Mon's chest when asked to say Hello.

Thanks Monica, Mom, and Grandma for all you do! Thank you Monica for giving us these wonderful kids!

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