Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mother Hens
I have been wanting for sometime to write a piece about SAHD's and the rxn from SAHM's in various settings -- this isn't it, just a warm-up. My experiences have been so varied depending on setting. Yesterday, again at Dupont, we were on our way out when both kids spotted one of the many activity centers attached to the wall. It was already being used by two older girls, probably sisters, so my guys just kind of hung back waiting their turn. I, too, stopped, waiting for my children. The mother of the girls, probably 30 feet away, assumedly finishing up the business part of their visit, sees me and immediately calls the girls to come huddle under her wings. I am pushing a stroller, wearing a diaper bag (well, OK, it IS a messenger bag, but it's got a sippy cup in the mesh pocket on either side), and walking with mini-me and his obvious sister. I am clean shaven, and wearing clean clothes. Lady, I am not going to steal or otherwise hurt your children. Similar scenarios have happened just about everywhere. Yes, statistically speaking, men are more likely to do the kinds of things I can only imagine she was afraid of, but SAHD's buck every other trend and statistic, can't you give us a break on this one?

The flip side of this is that my neighborhood playgroup has been extremely inclusive, and couldn't be a better resource. Thanks!

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