Thursday, June 02, 2005

Jesus in my heart

This morning, we were eating Kashi's Heart to Heart cereal. The kids like the little heart shapes and I like that it claims to be good for your heart, especially since there are some heart issues in my family history. I had a murmur at birth, that mostly went away, but I guess is persistent enough that I take the antibiotics before dental procedures. LuLu just had her second echocardiogram in her just over two years; she had a hole in her septum at birth, which until recently with though was a closed issue both literally and figuratively. Anyway, as she was shoveling handfuls of the self proclaimed heart healthy cereal into her mouth. I said something about it being good for her 'ticker'. This drew enormous laughs from both kids. After riding this wave of laughter for about all it was worth, we started talking about what a ticker really is and where it's located.
Me: Do you know where your heart is?
Lu: Jeese [which means Jesus] in my heart

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cmhl said...

that is precious!!!!