Wednesday, June 01, 2005


and I'm just finishing my chores for the day. Just finished washing the dinner dishes and folding my first load of laundry, and since there's more in the washer and dryer, I guess I'm technically not done. Anyway, I am still alive and kicking. Things have just been busy, and unfortunately (some might say fortunately) blogging has dropped off the top of the priority list. Lately, I have really been enjoying time with the kids. Not that I didn't previously, but lately it just seems a little extra special. Four has been great, behavior pretty well under control. Sure, I still have to raise my voice once in a while, but he's a great kid. LuLu, who's actually been two for several months is starting to flirt with the terrible two's. She's still a really good girl, but is starting to experiment with finding what she can and cannot get with.

Four who is really getting close to reading and is figuring out letters and the sounds they make, has been working very hard on saying his name correctly. People used to not understand what he was saying, I think because he had trouble pronouncing the first sound. While its not actually "Four", he now says his name like "Ph--oar".

LuLu and cousin at Jersey Shore
We spent Memorial Day weekend at the Jersey Shore. LuLu and Four had a great time with their cousin. Enjoy the pics!


Philip said...

hark! a post!

Great pictures. How about some captions so we know who we're looking at. Looks like it was a bit chilly for the adults. Sand castle skills need a little work Kevin.

kevin said...


i do agree about the sand castles. but, as with so many other things, this is an area where I fear I have just been irreparably beaten down.

kevin said...

I never get very far with the catles before they are 'stomped'.