Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Town Parade

Our town parade was held this past Friday. We met with three other families and the kids got to hang out and enjoy the parade together. It was awesome, a bit short, but I think just the right length for the kids in the cold. Afterward, one of the families invited everyone over for hot chocolate and wine. I love when these impromptu gatherings just happen.


Philip said...

Kevin, your family looks great! You posted a comment on my website in July, and somehow I never got you blogrolled. I was going through and deleting old pictures that were too big on old posts to make room for more stuff, and saw your comment and backtracked here. Sorry it took so long to get you on the roll, but you're there now. Merry Christmas!

kevin said...

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Your site is awesome, and your family, too, looks great. I read with great interest your recent post "The Wall". So often, I feel similar pain and isolation, and end up feeling SO guilty. Knowing that other people, especially other dads and husbands feel this way validates my feelings and helps take some of the edge off the guilt. Thanks for writing it!