Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Click Elmo!

M was surfing the pbskids.org site with LuLu and Four the other night. Four was driving the mouse, and at one point, Liv starts and keeps saying, "Click Elmo, Click Elmo, Click Elmo..." It's amazing how much she is speaking and understanding. Tonight I was running around with the kids on my back -- one at a time of course -- and after each of Four's turns LuLu would say, "I want my turn." Not quite that clear but I am too tired at this hour to think about the more realistic phonetic spelling.

Back on 11/8 (as captured in my planner) the icemaker dropped some ice into the bin while we were eating lunch. Four asked (as he does for just about any noise in the house), "What was that?" LuLu answers, "Iish. Iish."

Again playing catch up, several nights ago Four came into our room in the middle of the night. M asks, "What is it?" Four replies, "I just have to tell Daddy a joke." Walks around to my side of the bed. "Daddy, you better check your ears -- bunny ears." And with that, he turns and marches right back to bed.


Russ said...

They grow up fast don't they? Very cute!

My 4 year old has started doing "knock-knock" jokes... sort of....

Her: Knock, knock!
Me: Who's there?
Her: Melanie!
Me: Melanie who?
Her: It's me, Melanie!


kevin said...

That's good stuff! I'll have to tell Shane that one. Thanks for reading.