Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Getting Along

It is so awesome to watch these two little creatures when they get along. This morning Liv woke up in a grumpy mood. Turned out she was pretty constipated. Things got much better after she had a BM the size and shape of a golf ball and nearlly as hard. Too much detail, huh? Anyway, until that point, she had been miserable and Four loving brother that he can be when he so chooses, was doing all kinds of things to cheer her up. He was talking in a sweet and gentle voice and just being genuinely concerned. Then tonight the two were playing together and, minus one altercation, they were both being so nice to each other. Leaning on each other while playing cars and dinosaurs, neither one minding the presence of the other, in fact, I like to think they were thoroughly enjoying each others company. Here's to hoping they remain close.

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