Monday, July 19, 2004

Where's Our Baby?

Liv is growing up so fast. Last night, she was chasing Shane around the kitchen after we all finished dinner. She was really looking to mix it up. She would grab him from behind and give him a sisterly but rough-and-tumble hug. He would ask or tell her to let go, but they were both laughing. As I've said before on this blog, it's so neat to watch them interact and get along so well. Although they really do love each other, the getting along well is not always the case.
At a friend's 4th birthday party this weekend, Liv was playing with some toys and as she was reaching down to pick one of them up she said, "I want that." It was clear as a bell. The funny thing is that is a 3-word sentence, yet I can't get her to say "Juice please." -- or any other 2-word sentence. She'll say "Juush" and "Peez" but not "Juush Peez."
Today, we were down at the lake. Before I could get my shoes and socks off, she was up to her knees in the water and ready to go further. Both the lifeguard and a neighbor commented on how brave and how capable she is. Later, she was laying in the water up to her chin with her little fingers just barely able to touch the sandy bottom, and then squatting in the water up to her chin and experiencing the resistance of the water as she waved her arms back and forth. At one point, the three older kids (V.N., P.N., S.J.) ran up to get foam noodles and began to have "sword" fights with them. Shortly thereafter, she started walking up the beach with a very determined look on her face. It reminded me that I keep wanting to read the book What's Going On In There?. But anway, and I should have known, she was going up to the shed to get her noodle, emulating the big kids.
It's neat. And it's scary.

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