Sunday, April 18, 2004

Today Monica leaves for Las Vegas. Leaving before the kids wake and returning late Thursday (much after bedtime) I will be on own for essentially five days. And while I am sure it won't be easy, I don't think it'll be as tough as many of the people I talk to predict. Mostly they're guys who don't stay home or women who don't know any other SAHDs besides me.

As an addendum, I will say that already today, Shane has been acting out a bit -- a bit rough with and (I hate to admit it) downright mean to Olivia. Hopefully, this can be nipped in the bud.

Olivia (just under 14 months) amazes me daily. Not having been home with Shane his first 2 years, I am realizing how much truly awesome stuff I missed. Don't get me wrong, I am seeing the frustrating stuff I missed too, but can't help but wonder how I might have handled things differently (dare I say, better) than his daycare setting. Anyway, Liv was looking for some juice today -- I think I had just given Shane some -- and she comes over saying "Juush" and rubbing her belly (sign language for please). I say, "Livvy, go get your juice cup." She'd already started one. She gave me this blank-ish stare to which I responded, "Where's your green juice cup?" This was enough to jog her memory. She waddled over to exactly where she'd left it and brought it back over to me. Go synapses!

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