Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Busy Day
Playgroup is at the park. Which is fine, except that today some child not from our group throws sand in Shane's eyes. With no apology and without asking if Shane is OK, the other boy's mother comes over and whisks him away. The fact that I have recently put sunscreen on both kids exaserbates the problem as Shane begins to rub the sand out of his eyes. Within 15 minutes, I have other parents offering me the name and number of pediatric opthalmologists because his eye is so red and swollen. Rinsing with clean water and dabbing seems to be all the work our patient needs (for the time being.)

Eating lunch at home, I swear Olivia says, "I love you!"

Tonight is bath night. After stripping Liv down for the tub, and while waiting for the tub to fill, I realize that I have to pee. Fortunately, we're already in the bathroom, so I can just pee without incident, right? Wrong. As I am peeing Liv falls like three times, and I'm thinking "Here we go with the ear infections again." But as I finish up and walk over to where she is and is falling I notice that the floor is all wet. Apparently, she needed to pee as well, and now has pee all over her arms, legs, hands, and belly. Which, of course proceeds to get all over the top of tub and surround while we're STILL waiting for some semblance of warm water. Anyway, we finally get in the tub, and things are going really will, right up until she poops in the tub. We were essentially finished but now I feel compelled to drain tub, and rewash her. Then, as we are refilling the tub she touches the hottish water coming in and screams bloody murder. we got through it though. next...

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