Friday, February 10, 2006


I am SO far behind with my blogging that every time I sit down to write, I end up not knowing where to begin. There's so much to catch up on. I figure listing it below will help me organize and process some of it, and give me a checklist of things to write about.

  1. Christmas

  2. Smuggler's Notch

  3. Skiing with JJ

  4. CO and UT

These are just the big things, I am sure there are a lot of cute little stories that have and will fall through the cracks. Maybe coming back to writing will help fill in the gaps.

I'll leave with one quick story. Recently my parents took the kids to a Russian Children's Circus along with their cousin. After the circus the kids all spent the night at Nonna and PopPop's. LuLu had worn a skirt to the circus, her preferred garment for lower body wear (as opposed to pants). Well, I had packed a pair of cords and a long sleeve t-shirt for her to wear the next day. When Nonna tried to put the pants on, LuLu informed her, "I hate pants!" Since that day almost three weeks ago, the only pants that she has had on have been her long underwear and ski pants while we were in Vermont. I trust that this, too, shall pass.


Hogan Hilling said...

I didn't know how else to contact you. So I'm doing it via this blog.

My name is Hogan Hilling, husband to wife, Tina, and father to three boys, Grant (18), Wesley (16) and Matthew (12).

I’m co-writing a book with a mom, Jesse Rutherford. The tentative title is What Dads Want Moms To Know.

Jesse and I have already received some great input from many fathers and are looking for other fathers who would like to contribute their experiences and/or opinions on fatherhood. And more importantly share comments on what they would like moms to know. My email address is - Subject: Proud Dads.

Here is your chance to voice your opinions and thoughts. Anonymously if you like.

Feel free to forward this message to other fathers in your social circle.

We have several publishers reviewing our proposal. One has already made us an offer. We hope to have this book available in the bookstores by summer of 2007.

I posted a brief bio at the end of this post.


Hogan Hilling

Hogan Hilling, is a 1995 California Courage to Care Award recipient; author of The Man Who Would Be Dad, Capital Books, 2002 and Motivational Speaker.

For 15 years Hilling has served as an instructor for expectant father classes at various hospitals in southern California; as a facilitator of open discussion groups with fathers; and conducted workshops for mothers on fathering issues throughout the United States.

Hilling has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC’s The Other Half and Unsung Heroes, and in an ABC “Fathers and Sons” Documentary. His writing has been featured in newspapers such as the Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, Portland Oregonian, and Christian Science Monitor. Hilling has also worked as a guest columnist on fathering issues for the Orange County Register.

Hilling has also been a featured speaker at the Lamaze International Conference,
Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, Conferences for Parents of Children With Special Needs and other Parenting Events.

Philip said...

Once you get behind it's nearly impossible to "catch up."

Just skip forward to the present and work from there.