Saturday, December 03, 2005

Everyone Loves a Parade!

At the parade!
Last night, we went to our little town's Annual Winter Parade. We tried to meet some of our friends at the local brew pub for dinner beforehand -- well, we did meet them its just that we didn't really get to eat dinner. The place was so packed we ended up ordering food for the kids at the little table where we were waiting for a real table. Normally that would have sucked but we were with friends from the 'hood, there was a 3-piece band playing Christmas songs, and we were waiting for a parade. Its amazing to watch these kids, any kids, at a parade. The way their faces light up and they are awed by the procession. Even the relatively low budget procession that graced our sleepy little streets last night. It seems like one of the last great traditions. A tradition that tenaciously holds the attention and admiration of kids and adults despite a culture of video games, virtual reality, and ever enlarging televisions. There's nothing quite like bundling up and sharing the street with your fellow man.


Homer Jay said...

We went to a Christmas parade the day after Thanksgiving. I spent most of the time trying to keep Lumpy from freezing his toungue to the lamp post.

Philip said...

You describe that very well - great picture too - and you're right, there's nothing like the spirit of human community.

Anonymous said...

very cute picture of the kids!!!


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