Friday, November 04, 2005

Think Snow!

Having been a ski bum for two seasons, saying I love to ski is an understatement. As winter approaches I once again am growing itchy to spend some time on the mountain. Unfortunately, equipment woes have recently plagued me. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the interface between my anatomy and the equipment has plagued me. The last two pairs of ski boots that I have owned end up rubbing my shins raw at the top of the cuff after only a day of skiing, admittedly aggressive skiing, but this shouldn't be happening. One bootfitter suggested there may be an issue with the curvature of my tibia/fibula bones. Its gotten to the point where I was comtemplating not skiing. I am hopeful that my solution will come by way of telemark skiing. Giving the discipline a try last year, even on my two-days-of-alpine-bump-skiing-shin-bang-shin-bite-torn-up shins, there was no pain to speak of. Now, perhaps as I get better at the discipline a whole new crop of problems will spring up, but my friend made the switch for similar reasons. Plus he's such a good skier, I think he was bored with alpine. Anyway, I've become very excited about skiing again and recently took the kids on a minor road trip to try to find some tele gear. Coming home, I decided to try on Four's boots. I was nervous that Santa's unused gift from last year -- I know, I know -- would have to wait another year or more until LuLu could use them. Fortunately, they seem to still fit. Well enough that even after clicking into his skis and tooling around in the basement (on the rug only) and trying to do helicopters, Four was lounging around in the boots for quite some time. He is anxious to ski this season, asking, "When can we go?" and "When will it snow?" Last night, he insisted that I read him a book about snow. I am so looking forward to taking him skiing this season. Think snow.


Philip said...

what about giving snow boarding a try? Those boots are very comfortable, like regular boots you'd wear in the snow. Since you're open to new things, give it a shot!

kevin said...

i love snowboarding! if i were still living in Colorado or some other powder blessed locale, that would likely be my solution. but as i feel the roots of family and work life deepening and stregthening here on the bulletproof prone east coast, i am a big fan of continuing to maintain two edges. besides have you heard the racket created by a snowboard shaving off what little snow is left on the crowded eastern ice? and finally, it's a lot easier to assist the beasties when your feet aren't locked into one static position. two years ago, we had huge success with Four -- who was then three -- using a racer chaser ski vest and a tip lock. can't imagine having the same control and versatility on a board. that said, some of my best days on the mountain were on a snowboard in chest deep pow. see you on the hill sometime?