Thursday, August 04, 2005

"You got it pretty good"

The other day, while LuLu napped, Four and I rode bikes out in the front and side yard and driveway. Four on his 16-inch bike and I on my 20-inch BMX bike. Mini-me and I must have looked even more alike than usual. Both of us ended up riding with helmets and gloves, and without shirts. We got out the soccer cones and wood boards, and made obstacle courses, 'cafeterias', and traps (a child's imagination never ceases to amaze). I was so happy to be riding with my son. Cycling has been a huge part of my life over the years, and for us to be having some much fun on the bikes together was incredible. We told M about our adventures over dinner, to which she responded, "You got it pretty good."

I agreed, "You're right. I think we've all got it pretty good." Being home has been such a joy (and challenge), but I can't think of missing some of these great memories that we've had together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
I started to think about this blog after I read a little more. I SINCCERLY think you should consider M's suggestion and contact a Parenting magazine or even your local newspaper about printing some of your journal entries. You both talked a bit about spreading the word of God. Well, what better way than this to spread God's word. You don't realize it but you,as a good parent, are doing exactly what God wanted. The other reason is; when I read your journal entries I recalled the times I was feeling the same way about each of my children and rekindled the love I had for each of them when they were "four" and Lulu's age. I never wrote it down. Reading some
of your journals helped me to recall the "feeling" if not the exact moment. So, consider M's suggestions and go for it.There is a real need for us to hear from people like you. You wouldn't have to do anything diferent than what you are doing. Just write like you have been doing and don't worry about the deadline. It will take care of itself.

Love peace and joy

Philip said...

Pretty good indeed. Those moments are what it's all about. Paying attention is the coin of this realm