Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pile it on!

Adding to my feeling of ineffectiveness. I just stopped in at got twins?, the site done by a fellow stay-at-home-dad (or full-time father or whatever term happens to not piss off those easily offended by labels), fellow blogger, and apparently fellow road and mountain cyclist. The guy makes me look like a total slacker. He's got streaming video, a live webcam, AND TWINS! Ty, how do you do it?

There's also Philip of Blue Sloth who, though he's in the process of rebounding from a little slump, also deserves serious kudos for making me feel a bit blue and a bit like a sloth.

Maybe I need to start (and finish) the book my wife bought me, Getting Things Done.


Philip said...

Did you start the book?

kevin said...

sorry to say, I have only read round about 8 pages. So, while the answer is yes, it's barely yes.

InnocentBystander said...

Well, I used to be a road/mountain biker, haven't had time to ride sonce April. I plan on getting back into it again soon!

If you liked the spoon cam, check this out:

Rock on!