Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Snow Again!
We got about 3-4 inches of the white stuff last night and everything looks awesome. LuLu has not been a huge fan this year, so our sledding relative to last year has been way down. She's only 11 months old though, so we won't write her off as soft just yet. Actually, Four did not even like the snow his second winter (~14-15 months old) but now loves it almost as much as I do. In fact, he's really excited to go skiing this year. We've gotten him a seasonal rental and are hoping to get out a few times before our week long stay at Shawnee.

LuLu is going through a phase where she is extremely clingy right now. She is on the verge of walking and either doesn't let me put her down or just climbs to standing next to me and clings to my legs. Not necessarily a bad thing, just try making dinner or doing laundry with a little soul stuck to your legs. Hopefully, this shall pass.